Les bâtons


Duration: 50 minutes
Ages : 4 years and older

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A playfull piece full of surprises!

Les bâtons is a piece inspired by «Boomwhackers». It is a dynamic contemporary dance performance that explores creativity and imagination. Through dance, movement and music, the artists combine their ingenuity to transform these colourful objects in surprising and unexpected ways. The originality and the poetry of this piece transports the public to think differently and open our imaginary world.

When Anik Bouvrette, the choregrapher, discovered the «Boomwhackers», she immediately wanted to create a piece with them. At the beginning of the creation process in winter 2015, she was surprised and inspired by the many ways we can use these colourful objects in mouvement, visually and musically.

For Anik Bouvrette, the Boomwhackers create a bridge with the audience and makes it accessible. « When we present Les bâtons, I can see that people have immediate connection with the Boomwhackers. At first, this is a musical instrument, but the piece brings us to discover those objects differently.»

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Dancers : Alexane Couture, Amanda Bon et Mélissa Roy
Composers : Philippe Charbonneau, Marianne Dumas et François Gravel
Musician: Marianne Dumas
Lighting Designer : Paul Auclair
Visual Artist and Costum Designer : Karen Goetzinger
Photograph : Jeremy Mimnagh
Videographer : Michel Legault – Sigma Media
Video Producer : Julien Lévesque
Production : Tara Luz Danse