About Us

Founded in 2006 by Franco-Ontarian choreographer Anik Bouvrette, Tara Luz Danse is a contemporary dance company in residence at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa. The company’s work is twofold: we create and present dances for audiences of all ages with a particular focus on young audiences, and we work in schools and in the community, fostering the discovery of contemporary dance through cultural mediation.

Tara Luz Danse offers playful, imagistic and poetic choreographies reflecting Anik Bouvrette’s organic and intuitive practice. The company’s works explore women’s experiences and are deeply embedded in female sensibilities and energies. The name Tara Luz evokes Bouvrette’s process – Tara is a woman’s name, related to the Latin word “terra,” meaning Earth, and Luz is the Portuguese word for light. Tara Luz therefore means “the light of women.” Our repertoire currently includes Les souliers d’Angélie (2013), Les billes (2012), Les bâtons (2016), Ludivine et Sariana en galerie (2011) presented alongside visual artist Reid McLachlan’s exhibition Récits (é)mouvants, the film Lustrale (2009) produced in collaboration with video artist Izabel Barsive, as well as Ce souffle qui m’habite (2008).

In addition to its choreographic work, Tara Luz Danse invites people to deeply experience movement, discovering new aspects of their creativity. Thus far, we have instigated and produced two projects in schools – Impro en movement and Croisée – as well as the all-ages event Step into the Studio, which combines performances with active audience participation. Further, the company’s repertoire includes one educational piece, Hippopotame (2009), improvisatory creation accompanied by live music.


Tara Luz Danse is a professional francophone dance company that operates in both official languages. A vector for contemporary dance, the company creates and produces works emerging from choreographer Anik Bouvrette’s process. Tara Luz Danse is an active member of the Ottawa community. Its audience development and mediation activities in schools and in the community foster the discovery of contemporary dance and enrich the lives of audiences of all ages.


Tara Luz Danse is a pillar of cultural development through contemporary dance.


Tara Luz Danse embodies the pioneering spirit and the rallying effect, as well as authenticity and engagement.