Artistic Director

Anik Bouvrette

  • Anik Bouvrette

Anik Bouvrette is a Franco-Ontarian contemporary dance choreographer recognized for the organic and poetic qualities of her work. She is Artistic Director and General Manager of Tara Luz Danse, which she founded in 2006 after working for more than ten years as an independent artist.

She initially trained in dance at the Centre d’excellence artistique at De La Salle, a public secondary school in Ottawa, and pursued her studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Colombia, getting her bachelor’s degree in 1993.

From 1993 to 1996, early in her career as an independent choreographer, she created the solos Le sanctuaire and Sous un ciel obscur, as well as Rafales, a trio. She continued with Brigantia (1995), entre deux murmures (1999) and Lustrale – l’œuvre sur scène (2004), as well as Éphémère, a work commissioned by the Vancouver company Dancers Dancing. Her choreography has been presented at a variety of performances and dance festivals in Canada, namely in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax. Internationally, she has presented work at the Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon, Portugal and at the Quinzenade Dança de Almada in Spain (2000 and 2002).

Through her growing experience with children and youth in schools, Anik Bouvrette found herself along a very playful artistic path. Thus, through Tara Luz Danse, she currently devotes herself to creating works for young audiences, namely Les billes in 2012 and Les souliers d’Angélie in 2013.

With each creation, Anik Bouvrette seeks to develop a language that reflects her specific way of moving. She pushes herself and the dancers to explore the movement’s energy, to discover and define its imagistic potential that might resonate with audiences. She is also inspired by objects, which serve as an entry point for audiences into her world.

Anik Bouvrette was awarded the Ottawa Arts Council Mid-Career Artist Award in 2007 and was a finalist for the K.M. Hunter Artist Awards in 2008 through the K.M. Hunter Foundation in Toronto.