Ce souffle qui m’habite


  • Ce_souffle_qui

A work evoking the relationship between a mother and her child

Ce souffle qui m’habite (this breath that lives within me) was inspired by Anik Bouvrette’s experiences as a new mother. This is an intimate, poetic work that explores the senses of wonder, curiosity and play that have inhabited the choreographer since the births of her two daughters. (12 minutes)

Media feedback

“On the screen, a 6-month old moves through the gestures of an improvised choreography on her belly. She laughs and moves effortlessly, as though she wanted to discover each of her limbs. Onstage, a dancer joins the infant in the same movements. When the screen goes to black, another dancer enters the stage and together, the two dancers continue moving together, like mother and child.” Danièle Vallée, Liaison, No 139, Spring 2008.

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Dancers: Amelia Griffin and Jacqueline Ethier
Video: Anik Bouvrette and Gerald Humby
Video Editor: Izabel Barsive
Music: Steve Reich and Ted Hamilton
Lighting Designer: Paul Auclair
Photographer: Lisa Hebert