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An encounter with improvised dance

Hippopotame (hippopotamus) is a true expression of improvisation in contemporary dance. The work transports the dancers into a series of movement vignettes in which their bodies and instincts come together, guided by music. With each tableau, a new improvisation is explored. (20 minutes)

Hippopotame is a structured dance improvisation performed to live music. It was created as a didactic work to introduce young audiences to the improvisational movement games that inspire Tara Luz Danse’s creative process. The work, presented in different non-traditional performance sites, puts the spectator at the heart of the action.

Media feedback

“Just a few feet away from the dancers, under cold neon lights, we hear the hammering of their steps and their heavy breath, we are moved by their movement, struck by a physical empathy for their efforts. […] We observe repetition building rhythm, unison creating strength, gestures and music complementing or contrasting each other, solos becoming a chorus…” Jacques Falquet, Revue Liaison, No 155, Spring 2012.

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Dancers: Amanda Bon, Christine Couture and Mélissa Roy
Accompanist and Composer: Philippe Charbonneau
Photographer: Mathieu Grainger