Arts à la carte

Tara Luz Danse invites students to discover the Shenkman Arts Centre by spending a half-day or an entire day doing creative activities. Visiting schools choose from an exciting palette of dance, visual arts, theatre and pottery workshops. [Read more…]

The Dance Profession

Tara Luz Danse invites aspiring artists to experience a day in the life of the company’s professional dancers. This workshop takes place in the dance studio at the Shenkman Arts Centre. [Read more…]

Step into the Studio (schools)

Tara Luz Danse invites students to dive into the company’s creative world for an absolutely unique movement experience. Students first observe a performance and are than invited to move with the company artists. [Read more…]

Impro en mouvement

Impro en mouvement is an artistic mediation project for contemporary dance and dance improvisation given in schools in which students are led to explore, create and present their own structured improvisations, performed with live music.  [Read more…]


Croisée is an interdisciplinary project in which students, teachers and professionals from different disciplines – dance, visual art, music and theatre – collaborate to create and present a performance inspired by Tara Luz Danse’s creative process. [Read more…]


Step into the Studio

Step into the Studio is a unique all-ages event that combines a performance by Tara Luz Danse and active audience participation. [Read more…]