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A perfect introduction to dance for audiences of all ages

Les billes (marbles) is a poetic work for fours dancers inspired by dreams and replete with curiosity and light. Spirited and richly imagistic, the choreography stems from a game created by choreographer Anik Bouvrette in which she asked herself: “When I close my eyes, in my imagination, I see…” Les billes is the fruit of this playful exercise. Onstage, the dancers work with round objects of all kinds, such as marbles, luminous hoops and even gumballs! Their gentle movements paired with these objects create a magical universe accessible to all. (55 minutes)

Media feedback

“With Les billes, Anik Bouvrette proves once again the richness of her imagination and the strength of her artistic sensibility.” Jacques Falquet, Liaison, # 156, Summer 2012.

“Tara Luz Danse, in residence at the Shenkman Arts Centre since 2009, brilliantly premiered a first choreography for ages four and up. The huge success of the performances proved that contrary to popular belief, contemporary dance is an art form that elicits an immediate response from children.” Maud Cucchi, Le Droit, November 16, 2013.

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Dancers: Amanda Bon, Amelia Griffin, Martine Larochelle and Vanessa Michaud
Composer: Ted Hamilton
Lighting Designer: Paul Auclair
Set Design: Izabel Barsive
Costume Designer: Patricia Nuell
Production Assistant and Illustrator: Reid McLachlan
Stage Manager: Christine Couture
Photographer: Jeremy Mimnagh