Les souliers d’Angélie


  • Les souliers d'Angélie

  • Les souliers d'Angélie

  • Les souliers d'Angélie

  • Les souliers d'Angélie

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A playful performance for families

Angélie is a colourful, playful character with a penchant for footwear! In Les souliers d’Angélie (Angélie’s shoes), along with her three closest friends, she surrounds herself with shoes and a whole array of objects that, one after another, transport them into a universe filled with surprises, discoveries and light. With each new pair of shoes, the group is launched into another astonishing movement adventure. (55 minutes)

While creating this work, Anik Bouvrette asked the dancers to bring into the studio an object from their daily lives beginning with the letter ‘S’. This is how the shoe came to be the central object guiding Angélie and her friends on their journey. The game also inspired the choreographer to integrate other objects into the work, such as handkerchiefs, a cob of corn, lemons and more, in a universe celebrating the beauty of absurdity.

Media and audience feedback

“In Les souliers d’Angélie, various objects are drawn into the dance, offering us surprises and discoveries: rain boots, stiletto heels, sandals, a saucepan, a cob of corn that Angélie bites into with gusto… The choreography contains all the gestural, artistic and aesthetic elements characteristic of Bouvrette’s work, but above all, it links creativity and play.” Josette Noreau, Liaison, # 163, Spring  2014.

“I was particularly struck by the absurdity in Les souliers d’Angélie, which transported us into another universe… The choreography led me to think about the way a colour or even an object, can create a world of its own…. All you have to do is tune in to your environment to discover limitless imaginary worlds, like d’Angélie’s.” Mathilde, 15 years old, 2013.

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Dancers: Amanda Bon, Amelia Griffin, Martine Larochelle and Mélissa Roy
Composer: Ted Hamilton
Lighting Designer: Paul Auclair
Set Work : Karen Goetzinger
Costume Designer: Patricia Nuell
Mentor: Sylvie Bouchard
Production Assistant and Illustrator: Reid McLachlan
Stage Manager: Christine Couture
Photographer: Jeremy Mimnagh