Ludivine et Sariana en galerie


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A collaboration between dance and visual arts

Ludivine et Sariana en galerie (Ludivine and Sariana in the gallery) brings together two solos – Ludivine (created for the stage in 2003 and adapted for the intimate spaces of small art galleries in 2007) and Sariana, sœur aînée de Ludivine (Sariana, Ludivine’s older sister, 2011) – and Récits (é)mouvants (moving stories), an exhibition of visual artist Reid McLachlan’s paintings. It is a unique collaboration between disciplines that gives spectators a different perspective on the choreography and the exhibition. The work connects a dance about a woman at different moments in her life, at different points in time, with paintings that explore themes of faith, destiny, love and mourning, and their consequences on relationships. (50 minutes)

Media and audience feedback

“As soon as the dancer enters the exhibition space in Récits (é)mouvants, new relationships are formed, unexpected lines of communications are opened and the environment changes. The characters in the paintings seem to react to the proximity of the dancer, to the way she observes them. Through her movements, she gives them life and a chance to speak. The stories are delivered through the dance…” Josette Noreau, Liaison, No 152, Summer 2011.

“There is something sublime about the excerpt of Ludivine presented at Art-image gallery. The choreography embraces the space. The dancer interacts with the paintings. It seems as though she has just stepped out of Reid McLachlan’s paintings.” Marie Hélène Giguère, Exhibition Spaces Coordinator, Centre d’exposition Art-image, Maison de la culture de Gatineau, 2008.

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Visual Artist: Reid McLachlan
Dancers: Jacqueline Ethier and Julie Anne Ryan
Composers: Josh Latour and Ted Hamilton
Costume Designers: Carole Courtois and Patricia Nuell
Texts: Brigitte Paulin, Danièle Vallée, Françoise Charron and Julie Anne Ryan
Photographer: Michel Dozois