Lustrale (film)


A dance art film directed by Izabel Barsive and choreographed by Anik Bouvrette

Lustrale is a dance art film that chronicles a journey shared by two women as they approach the hereafter, guided by the poetry and sensuality of water and light. Eight scenes unfold against a backdrop of aquatic, natural, and surreal universes, tracing the passage of these two souls on a voyage through life and death, as they prepare for what lies ahead. Each woman travels her own way: one, with serenity and confidence, and the other, in a state of fragility and torment. As one woman seeks to support the other through her journey, hope, doubt and compassion converge along a sinuous path marked by wonderings on the cycle that brings us inevitably back to our beginnings. (Full version 26,43 minutes and short version 9 minutes) Source :

Production credits

Choreographer: Anik Bouvrette
Producer: Izabel Barsive
Dancers: Christel Bourque and Jacqueline Ethier
Composers: Joel Dazée and Peter Storzenecker