Les bâtons

IN PROGRESS – Premiere in October 2016

This work, the product of the imaginative choreographer Anik Bouvrette, depicts four performers venturing into a world where sticks create a myriad of images. [Read more…]

Les souliers d’Angélie


Angélie is a colourful, playful character with a penchant for footwear! In Les souliers d’Angélie (Angélie’s shoes), along with her three closest friends, she surrounds herself with shoes and a whole array of objects that, one after another, transport them into a universe filled with surprises, discoveries and light. [Read more…]


Les billes


Les billes (marbles) is a poetic work for fours dancers inspired by dreams and replete with curiosity and light. Spirited and richly imagistic, the choreography stems from a game created by choreographer Anik Bouvrette in which she asked herself: “When I close my eyes, in my imagination, I see…”.  [Read more…]

Ludivine et Sariana en galerie


Ludivine et Sariana en galerie (Ludivine and Sariana in the gallery) brings together two solos – Ludivine and Sariana, sœur aînée de Ludivine (Sariana, Ludivine’s older sister, 2011) – and Récits (é)mouvants (moving stories), an exhibition of visual artist Reid McLachlan’s paintings.  [Read more…]




Hippopotame (hippopotamus) is a true expression of improvisation in contemporary dance. The work transports the dancers into a series of movement vignettes in which their bodies and instincts come together, guided by music. [Read more…]


Lustrale (film)


Lustrale is a dance art film (26.30 min.) that chronicles a journey shared by two women as they approach the hereafter, guided by the poetry and sensuality of water and light.  [Read more…]


Ce souffle qui m’habite


Ce souffle qui m’habite (this breath that lives within me) was inspired by Anik Bouvrette’s experiences as a new mother. This is an intimate, poetic work that explores the senses of wonder, curiosity and play that have inhabited the choreographer since the births of her two daughters.  [Read more..]